National Tourism Foundation

Hall of Fame Guidelines


The National Tourism Foundation (NTF) was chartered in 1982 to enhance the tour and travel industry in North America. The Foundation?s mission is to benefit society through the support of education and research contributing to the values of travel and tourism, including personal enrichment, community development, heritage and natural preservation, and cultural understanding. In 1998, the Foundation created the NTF Hall of Fame to recognize individuals who have made an outstanding commitment to furthering the Foundation?s mission.

The NTF Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals who have made a commitment to two or more of the following areas:
Contribution to the National Tourism Foundation either/or from a volunteer perspective and/or financial commitment;

Volunteerism to the Travel & Tourism Industry;
Contribution to Travel & Tourism Education;
Contribution to Travel & Tourism Research;
Contribution to the Travel and Tourism industry by enhancing historic or cultural preservation, community development and/or the environment.

To nominate an outstanding individual for the National Tourism Foundation?s Hall of Fame, complete the attached form and return it to the Foundation. Inductees will be announced at the National Tour Association Annual Convention in November.

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