National Tourism Foundation


The place to which a traveler is going; or any city, area, region or country that is marketed as a single entity to tourists.

DMO (Destination Marketing Organization):
A company or other entity involved in the business of increasing tourism to a destination or improving its public image.

DMC (Destination Management Company):
A local company that handles arrangements for tours, meetings, transportation, etc. for groups originating elsewhere.

A person, usually employed by a tour operator, who accompanies a tour from departure to return as guide or trouble-shooter, or a person who performs such functions only at the destination. The terms host- escort or host are often used, and are preferred, to describe this service.

Escorted Service:
A prearranged travel program, usually for a group, with escort service. Fully escorted tours may also use local guide services.

Familiarization Trip:
A complimentary or reduced- rate travel program for travel agents, airline or rail employees or other travel buyers, designed to acquaint participants with specific destinations or suppliers and to stimulate the sale of travel. Familiarization tours, also called fam tours, are sometimes offered to journalists as research trips for the purpose of cultivating media coverage of specific travel products.

Ground Operator:
A company that provides local travel services, including transportation or guide services.

Hotel Package:
A package offered by a hotel, sometimes consisting of no more than a room and breakfast; sometimes, especially at resort hotels, consisting of (ground) transportation, rooms, meals, sports facilities and other components.

Incentive Tour:
A trip offered as a prize, usually by a company to stimulate employee sales or productivity.

Travel schedule provided by a travel agent for his/her customer. A proposed or preliminary itinerary may be rather vague or specific. A final itinerary however provides all details (flight numbers, departure times, reservation confirmation numbers) and describes planned activities.

Anyone organizing a tour including prepaid transportation and travel services, usually to more than one destination.

Package Tour:
A saleable travel product offering an inclusive price with several travel elements that would otherwise be purchased separately. Usually has a predetermined price, length of time and features but can also offer options for separate purchase.

Rack Rate:
The official cost posted by a hotel, attraction or rental car, but not used by tour operators.

Receptive Operator:
A tour operator or travel agent specializing in services for incoming visitors, such as meeting them at the airport and facilitating their transfer to lodging facilities.

The actual producer of a unit of travel merchandise, such as a carrier, hotel or sightseeing operator.

Any prearranged (but not necessarily prepaid) journey to one or more places and back to the point of origin.

The business of providing and marketing services and facilities for pleasure travelers. Thus, the concept or tourism is of direct concern to governments, carriers, and the lodging, restaurant and entertainment industries and of indirect concern to virtually every industry and business in the world.

Tour Operator:
A company that creates and/or markets inclusive tours and/or performs tour services.

Travel Agent:
The individual who sells travel services, issues tickets and provides other travel services to the travelers at the retail level.