National Tourism Foundation

National Tourism Foundation Internship

About the National Tourism Foundation Internship  

"Each year, the Foundation is seeks" two students pursuing degrees that are travel and tourism-related. The applicants must also have excellent written, oral and interpersonal skills. The internship includes:  

       •  A $3,000 personal stipend to offset travel and lodging expenses while in Lexington , Kentucky .

•  Travel to the National Tour Association (NTA) Annual Convention in November. (This element of the internship             package is valued at $3,000.)

•  Opportunities to meet and work with the tourism industry?s leading professionals.

•  Experience in convention and event planning and execution.

•  The experience of working as part of the NTA staff - the premier packaged travel association in North America .

• The internships run from August through December. Schools are contacted in the spring of each year, and           information will also be posted on NTF Online.   Application Requirements The Foundation?s internships require           that the applicants reside in Lexington , Ky. , from August to December to work at the National Tourism           Foundation?s headquarters. A $3,000 personal stipend is awarded to the recipient to offset travel and lodging           expenses while in Lexington .   Complete applications include the following:

•  Any work or internship experience in travel and tourism
•  Any extracurricular or volunteer experience
•  A completed copy of the National Tourism
•  Foundation Internship Application which will be
•  Distribited to schools and made available on NTF Online

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